About Us

What is Groupybuy…

At Groupybuy we love to bring people together. People with an eye for a great experience, who love to be surprised, at a fabulous price.

Every day Groupybuys delivers our members amazing offers on the products you love--Electronics,Home, Sports,Healthy and Beauty,Fashions.

Groupybuy allows you to experience all the surprises your city has to offer – all with just a few clicks of a mouse.

How does Groupybuy work…

Everyday Groupybuy guarantees a terrific deal in your city. By becoming a Groupybuy member, each morning we’ll email you the details, if something catches your eye, simply pledge your interest. When enough Groupybuy members sign-on, the deal’s activated, and the terrific experience and savings are yours.

It’s our huge Groupybuy community that enables us to drive such great offers for members and more customers to our participating businesses.

How do I get involved with Groupybuy…

It’s so easy to become a Groupybuy member. Simply log on at groupybuy.com and register your details, there’s not even any join-up fees.

When you see an offer on Groupybuy you love, you can log on and buy it using our super secure credit platform or PayPal! There’s never any extra transaction fees.

Within a few minutes of purchasing, you’ll get a voucher with instructions on how to make a booking (or if you bought a product, a confirmation email).