Octopus foot tripod fan
Octopus foot tripod fan
Octopus foot tripod fan
Octopus foot tripod fan
Octopus foot tripod fan
Octopus foot tripod fan
Octopus foot tripod fan

Octopus foot tripod fan

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Product Description:
Flexible Octopod Tripod: The portable handheld mini fan is equipped with a flexible Octopod tripod, which can be bent straight, wound, tightly wrapped and clamped on a stroller, car seat, and hung in a camping tent like a handheld fan. , Stand up as a desktop fan and mount your phone.
Ultra-quiet and strong wind: Personal mini fan adopts professional high-performance brushless motor, which is faster, strong wind and low noise. 3 wind speeds are adjustable to meet the needs of different environments and temperature changes.
1800mAh battery rotates 360°: The battery-powered fan contains a 1800mAh rechargeable battery, which can be fully charged in 3 hours. The 360°rotating design provides all-round airflow from different directions and can be adjusted as needed.
Multiple power options: In addition to the built-in rechargeable polymer battery, this handheld personal fan can also be powered and operated by mobile power, wall charger adapter, car charger, PC, laptop, etc. Multiple charging options make it always run to cool down the hot summer.
Portable USB fan with LED light: The handle size fan is light in weight, equipped with a flexible tripod and adjustable LED light, not only can provide cool wind, but also can be used as a camping light, providing a night light with 3 brightness settings. Very suitable for indoor and outdoor use for cooling and lighting. The small size and flexible tripod can be easily carried around. The fan can be fixed in strollers, cribs, and can also be used in golf carts, car seats, camping tents and anywhere.

Product Specification:
Input voltage: DC5V-100OMA
Battery capacity: 18650/1800mAh 1000mA
Input current: 1000mA
Output power: 3.0W
Charging time: about 3 hours
Product size: 112*110*227mm
Working time: about 9 hours for the first gear; about 4 hours for the second gear
The third gear is about 3 hours
Material: ABS/PP/electronic components
Color: black, white, green, pink

Package Inclusion:
1*USB charging cable